Time to run for the hills

Economic malaise – check
Weak government with internal divisions – check
Ineffective opposition – check
Ineffective democratic institutions – check
Callous populist leader figure – check
Relentless propaganda – check
Scapegoating – check
Dehumanising rhetoric – check
Paramilitary gangs of thugs – check
Widespread sense of grievance about having lost national identity and/or assets – check
Sense of exceptionalism and supremacy – check
Increased attacks on minority groups – check
Massive investment in military – check
Disregard of academics – check
We-stand-alone-and-proud attitude – check

Germany 1933. Anything looking familiar? Be very afraid.

An Open Letter to the Labour Party

Thanks a lot, Labour Party. Thanks to you we will be governed for another five years by the party that has pushed people into poverty in their droves, that has seen suicide rates soar among the sick and disabled, and food banks spread like a fungus. Thanks to you the party that has brought the UK’s economic recovery to a standstill whilst doubling the national debt can go on wrecking what is left of our assets and destroy the environment as collateral damage. Thanks to you, Ian Duncan Smith will be allowed to continue his assault on the most vulnerable and Theresa May can go on slashing our civil rights in the name of fighting terrorism. Thanks to you the rich will get even richer while everyone else will get poorer and the NHS in England may as well pack up and go home. It is your fault, Labour Party, that the Tories now have a clear majority, unchecked even by what little moderation the Lib Dems might have been able to impose. The Tory reign has been so abysmal, you ought to have won this election by a landslide. You failed.
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An early farewell to TOME


After due consideration, I have decided to explain publicly why I will not participate in the TOME awards and why I will encourage others to boycott them as well.

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Lego Wonderland

It's a rainy summer. The children and I decided to build all our Lego stuff. After three days, we gave up - there are still some vehicles we didn't bother with, and sadly we've lost the instruction booklet for the campervan. Still, it's a respectable collection, largely courtesy of Onkel Axel. :)

Picture 388
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