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virtuella's Journal

25 November 1969
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I am Annette, aka Virtuella in most internet environments. I am German by birth, Scottish by marriage and live in Dunblane in Central Scotland. Married with two children aged four and two-and-a-half and I am a special needs teacher.

I've been an avid reader all my life and enjoy rereading favourite books as much or even more than reading new books. My three favourite and frequently reread authors are (in alphabetical order) Jane Austen, Max Goldt and Terry Pratchett, which seems a strange mix, but they have three crucial things in common: superb use of language, wonderful sense of humour and very insightful observation of human nature.

I write fanfiction for Discworld and Lord Of The Rings, which can be found on fanfiction net under my pen name Virtuella. My central work is my Jane-Austen-style Vetinari romance. I know many people are sceptical about such a project, but I also know that those who were sceptical and did read it became convinced by it. It is really rather good, though I say it myself. ;-)